Attention: Update on VINES multi-processing support

3COM Corporation

Support for the 3Com ATMLink 3C975 (drv051.exe)
Rev 1.6.5 3Com ATMLink 3c975 Driver for VINES 7.10 and above.
Controller: 3C975-ATMLink 3c975

Support for the 3Com Fast EtherLink XL 3C905 and 3C900 Network Interface Cards for Banyan VINES 6.40& above. (drv058.exe)

  • Revision 2.0.1
  • 3C900-TPO EtherLink XL for Twisted Pair Only
  • 3C900-Combo EtherLink XL for TP, Coax and AUI
  • 3C905-TX Fast EtherLink XL 10/100
  • 3C905-T4 Fast EtherLink XL 10/100
  • (for Cat3, 4 and 5 type cable)
  • 3C905B-TX Fast EtherLink XL 10/100
  • 3C905B-TX-NM Fast EtherLink XL 10/100
  • (does not include Wake on Lan cable)
  • Replaces DRV028, DRV030, DRV047, and DRV048

Adaptec Corporation

Adaptec 7800 Family SCSI Driver Package for VINES 7.x and 8.x
(drv052.exe)  (drv057.exe)
This driver package supercedes the Adaptec drivers in DRV034 and DRV035.

Controllers supported:

  • AHA-2940U(Ultra), BIOS v1.23>
  • AHA-2940UW(Ultra Wide),BIOS v1.23
  • AHA-2940AU(Ultra), BIOS v1.23 AHA-2944UW(Ultra,Wide,Differential)BIOS v1.23
  • AIC-7860(Ultra SCSI chip embedded on motherbrd
  • AIC-7880(Ultra Wide SCSI chip embedded on motherboard)
  • AIC-7855(Ultra SCSI chip embedded on motherbrd)
  • AIC-7870(Wide SCSI chip embedded on motherbrd)
  • AHA-2910(non-bootable)
  • AHA-2940U/UW Dual (Ultra/Ultra Wide DualChannel),BIOS v1.23
  • AHA-3940U/UW(Ultra/Ultra Wide Multichannel), BIOS v1.25
  • AHA-3940UWD(Ultra Wide Multichannel with dual external connectors),BIOS v1.25
  • AHA-3940AU/AUW(Ultra/Ultra Wide Multichannel) BIOS v1.31
  • AHA-3940AUWD(Ultra Wide Multichannel with Dual external connectors),BIOS v1.3
  • AHA-3944(Wide Differential Multichannel), BIOS v1.25
  • AHA-3944AUWD(wide Differential Multichannel with dual external connectors),BIOS v1.25
  • AIC-7895 chip(Multichannel Ultra Wide SCSI ship embedded on motherboard)

Allied Telesyn

Rev 1.0.5 Allied Telesyn/AT-2560 PCI 10/100 for VINES 6.3 & above (

  • Allied Telesyn AT-2560 PCI 10/100 Ethernet Adapter Card
  • Allied Telesyn AT-2560 FX PCI Fiber Ethernet Adapter Card

Replaces DRV022

American Megatrend Incorporated

MegaRAID Driver Package: Rev. 2.15

  • AMI MegaRAID Series 428
  • Dell PERC RAID Controller
  • Hewlett Packard NetRAID Model D4943A

Banyan - Peripheral Adapter Drivers

VINES 8.0 Multiprocessor Enable/Disable Driver Rev 3.0 Banyan Supplemental Drivers for VINES 8.x (drv039.exe)

  • Adaptec 7800 Family SCSI Driver Package Rev 1.0 (
  • Mylex DAC960 SCSI Array Adapter Family Drive Rev 2.3 (
  • MegaRAID Driver Package Rev 2.1 (
  • AHA-2940 PCI-to-Fast SCSI
  • AHA-2940W PCI-to-Fast &Wide Single-ended SCSI
  • AHA-2944W PCI-to-Fast &Wide Differential SCSI
  • AHA-3940 MultiChannel SCSI-to-PCI
  • AHA-3940W MultiChannel Wide SCSI-to-PCI
  • AIC-7850 single-chip PCI-to-Fast SCSI
  • AIC-7870 single-chip PCI-to-Fast & Wide SCSI
  • Mylex
  • DAC960E, DAC960P, DAC960PD and DAC960PL
  • American Megatrends Inc.
  • AMI Series 428
  • HP NetRAID Model D4943A
  • Dell PERC Raid Controller
  • Compaq/NCR 53C825 SCSI EISA/PCI

Replaces DRV020

Compaq Corporation - LAN Adapter Drivers

Replaces DRV044 SLDK SSD 3.00 Compaq NetFlex/3 and Netelligent Family of LAN Adapters (Compaq SP3083) 3/7/98 (DRV056.exe)

Ethernet Controller Support:

Rev 1.0.1: Compaq NetFlex L ENET Controller Driver

  • Integrated NetFlex-L ENET controller EISA based
  • Integrated NetFlex-L ENET controller PCI based

Rev 3.0.0: Compaq NetFlex-3 Controller Driver

  • Compaq NetFlex-3/E (EISA)controller with TX and FX modules
  • Compaq NetFlex-3/P (PCI)controller with TX and FX modules
  • Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP controller
  • Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP controller with TLAN chip 3.03
  • Compaq Netelligent 10 T PCI UTP controller
  • Compaq Integrated 10/100 TX UTP controller
  • Compaq Netelligent DUAL 10/100 TX PCI UTP controller

Rev 1.04: Supplemental Driver for NetFlex-3 controller driver
Required for enabling / disabling dynamic debugging for
Compaq NetFlex-3 Controller driver

Rev 1.04 CPQNET

  • Compaq Advanced Network Control Utility


  • Compaq Advanced Network Log Utility

Token Ring controller Support :

Rev 1.0.1 : Compaq Netelligent 4/16 TR UTP/STP driver

  • Compaq Netelligent 4/16 TR PCI UTP/STP Controller
  • Compaq Netelligent 4/16 TR ISA UTP/STP Controller

Compaq Corporation - Peripheral Adapter Drivers

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To load and install this driver package your server should have sufficient unused root space available. Should you choose not to resize the root space, you will encounter problems.


Compaq Driver Package Version 3.04 for VINES 6.x, 7.x & 8.x

NOTE: This PAT SSD 3.04 is supported in UNI-PROCESSOR mode only at this time. This SSD may not work correctly if the driver is installed and MP mode is enabled.

  • Rev.3.02 Compaq SMART-2 (EISA / PCI) Array Controller driver
  • Rev.2.00 Compaq SMART-2 Configuration Display Utility
  • Rev.1.02 Compaq Additional Support for SMART-2 Array controller driver
  • Rev.1.22 Compaq Enhanced IDE controller driver - Supports IDE/EIDE hard drives and EIDE CD-ROM
  • Rev.1.22 Compaq Wide-Ultra SCSI Controller driver
  • Rev.1.00 Banyan IDA, IDA-2, IAES & SMART SCSI Array controller driver
  • Rev.1.03 IDA Agent Enhanced support for SMART-2 & Mail Alert Notification
  • Rev.1.03 Health Agent Enhanced monitoring support
  • Rev.1.01 Remote Insight Board Driver for Banyan VINES 6.20(0) and above.
  • Compaq Wellness driver:Rev.3.10 for 8.x, 3.01 for 7.x, 2.03 for 6.x Supports server Health monitoring features
  • Rev.1.03 Compaq System Management Utility
  • Replaces DRV018, DRV024, DRV027, DRV037,DRV042

Banyan Peripheral Adapter SSD Rev. 2. 1; Host Adapter Driver Package for VINES 7.x (


Banyan Peripheral Adapter SSD Rev. 1.3; Host Adapter Driver Package for VINES 6.x (

Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard E/IDE CD-ROM Driver 6/4/98 (drvo45.exe)

  • Rev 1.0: ATAPI CD-ROM Driver
  • Hewlett Packard CD-ROM Model D4383

International Business Machines (IBM)

IBM MCA-bus Host Adapter Driver Package Rev. 1.1 (

  • IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter/HW/Cache 6451110, 6451133
  • IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter/A 6451109
  • IBM PS/2 SCS-2 Adapter/A 6451280

Intel Corporation

Intel 32-bit EISA LAN Adapter Driver Package(
Rev. 1.0: Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 EISA driver package.

EtherExpress PRO100/B PCI LAN Adapter (
Rev 1.0.1 Intel EtherExpress PRO100/B PCI controller driver for 6.40 and above. Replaces DRV032.

Mylex Corporation

Rev. 2.3 Mylex DAC960 Family of RAID Adapters for VINES 6.x (

Rev. 2.3 Mylex DAC960 Family of RAID Adapters for VINES 7.x (

Replaces DRV011, DRV015 & DRV025

Symbios Logic Corporation

Symbios Logic Host adapters ((drv050.exe)
Rev 4.01.00: Symbios SCSI Driver Package Adapters Supported With This Driver:

  • SYM8951U, PCI to Ultra2 SCSI
  • SYM8751D, PCI to Ultra SCSI
  • SYM8751SP, PCI to Ultra SCSI
  • VINES 7.0 and above